VA Cliffe Inn


Pride in Customer Service and Attention to Detail

When planning for a Richmond wedding venue or corporate training event, the most important thing is to have someone in your corner you can reach out to and communicate with. We understand your concerns and feel that this is where we excel.

One Point of Contact Saves Time and Frustration

Richmond area event planners will never be faced with wondering which person to call at the Virginia Cliffe Inn. When we book your event, we assign one and only one contact person for your convenience and peace of mind.

Plan a Quiet Retreat

More than just corporate event space or wedding sites, event planners often help people find space for relaxing personal retreats. Even city planners often choose annual retreats. The Virginia Cliffe Inn is surrounded by nature, making a serene space.


In 1952, James and Margaret Clifton purchased the property where the The Virginia Cliffe Inn is now located in order to build a family home. The property on Mountain Road held a landmark farmhouse built in 1896. James who was a general contractor, dismantled the farmhouse, reclaimed the materials, and modeled the new home after George Washington’s former military headquarters Newburgh, NY.

Mountain Road received its name because it once was the main road from Richmond to the mountains of Virginia. It is known as the second oldest road in the nation and was regularly used by Governor Thomas Jefferson as he traveled between Richmond and Monticello. It is now considered Henrico County.

After raising their four children, Margaret and James Clifton opened their Georgian-style home as a Bed and Breakfast in 1998.

“My family considered recycling before it became the mainstream thing to do. The Virginia Cliffe Inn is constructed from wood reclaimed from an old farmhouse built on the property in the late 1800’s. – Janice Clifton, Proprietor

Changes for the Future

Richmond Wedding Venue Space and Corporate Meeting Space

Formerly a B&B, the Virginia Cliffe Inn was the only B&B in Henrico County for quite a while. Times and circumstances change, and we are no longer running the business as a Glenn Allen B&B. Instead, we are focusing on two business goals: a Richmond wedding venue space and Richmond corporate event space.