VA Cliffe Inn

Winter Weddings @ The Virginia Cliffe Inn

December 22, 2018

Winter weddings can be magical thanks to the natural glimmer of snow, cozy textiles, and warm comfort food. A magical, memorable and romantic winter wonderland wedding theme. … all-white winter wedding, magical lighting is necessary for creating a winter wonderland atmosphere, colors like ice blue, light purple, blush, glitters, metallics, mauve, ivory and more are usually recommended.

Bouquet! (Berries, flowers & Greenery)

The bright red pop of winter berries brings a flash of color into a white backdrop. Different types of winter berries you could pick for a wedding bouquet are Hypericum berries (most commonly used), Beautyberry, Chinaberry, Holly, Nandina, Cedar and many more.
Flowers are another important part of the bouquet using flowers such as Calendula, Cineraria, Cyclamen, Erica (heath), Hellebores, Iceland poppy, Nemesia, pansy, primrose and snap dragon bring a pop of color to your arrangement. Candy Tuft, English Daisy, gardenia, Narcissus Paper White, Phalaenopsis Orchid, rose, Star of Bethlehem and Stephanotis are beautiful white flowers for your true all white winter wedding.
Greenery that are winter master include Leather Fern, Eucalyptus, Ivy, Myrtle, Dusty Miller, Lemon Leaf, Tree Fern, Honey Bracelet and Grevillea and many more.


Ideas for a unique boutonniere using Mistletoe with a red berry, Pine cone and Hellebore, winter darlings, a velvety silver-tipped pussy willow and the waxy-leafed Refugio Manzanita, Nandina leaves and pine needles all make unique and beautifully manly boutonnieres.
Want to add more pizzazz to your venue? Rent some trees such as Cedar, Spruce, Pines, European Larch, Aspens, Mulberry, Firs and more!

Cocktails and Drinks!

Having a cocktail bar is a great way to include unique and customized drinks for your guests. Grog, Mulled Wine, Jack Frost, French 75, Spiced Cider, Hot Buttered Rum, Hot Totty, Eggnog Martini and Starlight Royale to name a few. Also, a Hot Chocolate bar with all the dressings and a coffee bad are great ideas to keep your guests warm.


The way to your guests’ heart! Or their hungry appetite. A baked brie Cheese with seasonal nuts and crackers, Fondue bar with a range of fruits, breads and vegetables, Soup and Grilled cheese with its warm and tasty memories bring you back to childhood, a roasted root vegetable melody is tasty and beautiful to look at, and a lava cake with its ooey gooey center of hot chocolate lava is a must when heating up among other great winter food ideas.


Its cold out in the Winter time think about you the bride and your bridesmaids wearing long warm seasonal socks under your dress to keep warm, and how cute would the picture be of all of you showing off your socks! A faux fur shall or coat to keep you gals warm is a winter YES! As for the men a nice scarf that compliments the colors of your wedding is a great way to keep them warm and cozy!
Your guests are important as well how about a blanket as a thoughtful wedding favor to keep them toasty and it makes a memorable gift they can keep!