Indoor, Cosy, Enclosed, Keep It Small and Simple

(designed for indoor Winter weddings of up to 75 guests maximum

Taking place between Jan 2 2022 and March 13 2022 only)

Fri or Sun – $2900 plus tax Sat – $3500 plus tax

No substitutions may be made for any items listed.


  1. Ceremony location in Tent or Pavilion

  2. 6 hours of designated time allocated to the event (includes vendor set up, decorating, prep, guest arrival, event and clean up *

  3. 1 x firepit

  4. Use of bride’s quarters

  5. Use of groom’s quarters

  6. 2 x Bar tents

  7. Ceremony chairs for up to 75 guests

  8. Dining tables for up to 75 guests

  9. Dining chairs for up to 75 guests

  10. 4 Banquet tables for Food/DJ/bar

  11. 4 cocktail height tables

  12. Standard white table cloths for each table

  13. 30 x 50 foot Four Seasons Pavilion for dining/food

  14. 40 x 40 foot permanent tent, gazebo and DJ booth for entertainment

  15. On site staff member for venue guidance and assistance

  16. White lanterns for decoration

*Additional time may be added at a rate of $150.00 per hour

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