I recently had the opportunity to attend a webinar with WeddingPro experts to hear what they have observed as the hottest trends of 2021. Some things were obvious, but all are worth sharing with upcoming brides.

Wedding fashion

The dress will never go out of style, but brides are veering away from traditional white and there are more colored dresses being worn. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration if you are thinking along these lines.

“Break away” dresses are hot right now. Meaning that part of the dress can be unclipped or unbuttoned to remove the train or skirt and reveal pants or a shorter skirt, great for dancing or creating a different look for the reception.

Bridesmaids matching dresses are less well-liked, brides are choosing to mix and match colors in the same color family. Cobalt and teal for example.

Grooms and groomsmen are adopting velvet jackets, this seems like a great plan for Fall or Winter, but less practical for Summer.

Food trends

Food trucks are in! We welcome them at the Virginia Cliffe Inn and one reason they’ve grown in popularity is the immediacy of vendor to guest service, eliminating the number of hands touching a plate, which during the pandemic has been helpful.

A second trend is covered plates, much like what you receive when ordering room service. Mini charcuterie plates and individualized servings pre-plated are also very popular.

Traditional cake toppers are OUT! Cakes are being decorated with fresh and 3D edible flowers, and couples are offering mixtures for dessert such as cake and macaroons.

Cakes are smaller, and are often offered as individual servings wrapped up, and thus doubling up as a wedding favor. Parfait style desserts and to go brownies or cookies are also sent home as favors.


Hot right now is the idea of a wall scape, allowing the couple to create a backdrop onto a wall or plain surface that evokes images that are meaningful to them. For example, a seascape or beach or mountain scene.

In terms of the reception, there is a big move away from the matchy matchy look, by using different sized tables, with a big push for color and specifically jewel tones.

Lights, lights and more lights are in everyone’s budget and allow decorators to create areas of focus.


When sending out invitations include specific details about the dress code for guests. If your wedding has one, tell the guests. This could carry over to your mood boards and website, “ladies dress in white, men in black” for example. Give examples on your wedding website via a look book for guests to refer to.


Many couples are opting for a mix of live music and a DJ, rather than relying solely on the services of a DJ.

Other types of entertainment seen include professional dancers, or dance lessons for the guests, magicians, jean jacket making with personalization and even a lipologist. What’s a lipologist you ask? Its like someone who reads palms, but with lips!

Streaming the ceremony has been a must for many couples during the pandemic, and is a trend that we are likely to see continuing for some time to come, where overseas and distant relatives and friends cannot travel. Don’t rely on using your trusty cellphone for this purpose however, dropped signals and poor coverage do not make for a great experience and it is worth working with a professional technician to ensure camera and sound quality are good. Often these technicians can also provide drone services, another trend that has been seen with video footage taken from above the proceedings to be shared later with family and friends who couldn’t make it.

Size and expenditure

The restrictions on social gathering sizes over the past 14 months have meant smaller more intimate weddings with a higher per head budget being allocated. Wedding couples have pushed the boat out in providing a very personalized experience and some elaborate menus and special entertainment for their guests, putting their own stamp on décor and environment. There seems little doubt that we will continue to see smaller weddings going into 2022 and 2023, and even more creativity and customization.

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