Wow! 2022 has ended. It is that time of year to reflect and make resolutions (if that is your thing). For me, I am closing a chapter and starting a new one (chapter). The blank pages waiting to be filled.

I look back at 2022 and it has been quite a Wow year. My husband, Matt, and I moved to Virginia in April. I started being the Innkeeper at the Virginia Cliffe Inn on May 1st. We came from New Mexico, looking for a place to call home. We have lived out west for approximately 15 years. It was so nice to come back to the east. This is by far our favorite place to live. We finally found a place we can call home.

I have met so many wonderful people since then. Some travelers pass through and some just to get away from it all. I have the pleasure of hosting friends that have been getting together every year for the last 30 years. Some of our visitors were not here on happy terms but I was able to make their stay a little less stressful and that makes getting up a few minutes earlier worth it. I got to know a young man that was in college traveling to see old historic battlefields.

I look out the window from the kitchen, overlooking the grounds and feel truly blessed to be in a place of beauty and where I am loved. It’s not always perfect but there is always joy. I have seen people get married and bury loved ones. I have had my own son who got married and broke some family ties. I have seen friends come and go.

I did not make resolutions for the new year but decided to make a lifestyle change. This year my daughter created a vision board and I feel inspired to do the same. Life is too short to worry about the has been(s), what if(s) and what could have been and start living life by making slight changes. It is a new chapter to write and then at the end of this year we can reflect yet again. Happy New Year to everyone!

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