VA Cliffe Inn

Fall Weddings

October 4, 2018

Fall Weddings

Imagine your wedding at The Virginia Cliffe Inn; Crisp air, cozy scarves, pumpkin spice and falling leaves. If this perks you up, a fall wedding may be right up your alley. It’s the start of the holiday season! It’s a wonderful time to celebrate love and make memories.

Advantages of a Fall Wedding:

Imagine your wedding here amongst a private pond, gorgeous foliage, temperate weather, seasonally inspired décor and more!
Be sure to check with your photographer about the sunset’s infamous “golden hour.” This is prime time to take your outdoor wedding photos.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
If your wedding is a cooler climate, you may want to pick a heavier fabric for your bridesmaids or have them wear pashminas to keep the chill off or even long sleeved bridesmaids dress.
Groomsman should not be left out, they can spruce up their wardrobe to fit Fall with a creative sock choice and maybe even a tie with a great pattern. Deep Jewel tones and even shimmering metallics.

Working with What’s In Season
Think about buying what’s in season, food and flowers locally grown. All décor such as; pumpkins, gourdes and hay bales are low cost items with in the Fall season.

Fall Food
The fall harvest boasts amazing food options. In-season vegetables include root vegetables; like turnips, parsnips and rutabagas, all sorts of squash, sweet potatoes and pumpkin. All of these can become an amazing soup, veggie roast or whatever tantalizes your taste buds.
Fruits of color like apples, cranberries, pears, figs, plums are also available in abundance. Other than incorporating these fruits into your menu, consider decorating your cake with them.

Fall Flowers and Décor
There are many fall flowers that are pure wedding perfection:
Dahlias are absolutely stunning in a wedding bouquet, deep burgundy, burnt orange and red dahlias are exceptionally beautiful in the fall.
Garden roses, celosia, beautyberry, heliopsis, sunflowers and more are stunning flowers for you Fall wedding décor.
Think about using seasonal berries such as winterberry, crabapples, red twig dogwood, mini pumpkins and acorns, as part of your floral arrangements or table décor. Also, think about seasonal fillers to add to your flowers.