Help we have to postpone due to COVID19! What do we do next?

By now many of you who planned weddings or other events in the next 8 -12 weeks are now faced with a decision. Postponement does not equal cancelling, so first things first stay calm.

Pause for a moment of gratitude that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Relish that you are engaged and have a committed partner that you will be spending the rest of your life with.

Lets look at some positives about postponing your wedding or event, before we move onto the steps to take.

  • More time to plan and save money towards the event itself, and a honeymoon.

  • More time to look at ideas for personalizing your day and for incorporating special touches.

  • Some guests who previously were not able to attend due to other commitments may now be able to be there – revise that guest list!

Even though, as a nation, we are currently facing a crisis, the love you share with your partner is not going to change, regardless of what is going on in the world.

We suggest postponing your celebration and not cancelling it! When couples postpone, most if not all, wedding vendors are helping couples switch dates without any charges.

Here is a checklist of steps to take:

  • Re-read your contract. Most contracts include a non-refundable deposit, you will not be able to get it back if you cancel.

  • Focus on contract language about penalties for rescheduling and time-frame in which the rescheduling might be required (within same calendar year, 12-months or just based on vendors availability) so that you know what to expect before you speak with your vendors.

  • Check your contracts for clauses regarding force majeure, cancellations and postponements and if you still aren’t sure, contact the vendor for further clarification.

  • If possible, schedule a phone call or face-time meeting with each of your vendors, starting with your venue rather than emailing your vendors. We suggest that both you and your partner join the meeting vs. just one of you. This is a critical time for everyone, and you want to avoid any potential miscommunication that might occur via email so phone discussion will be the most productive.

  • Lean on your coordinator/planner during a time like this! They are knowledgeable in handling the unexpected and will be your best asset.

  • If you are seeking to reschedule in 2020, include all weekdays and Sundays in your date option list. Your venue and your other vendors will have some of these dates open. We fully understand that selecting a weekday or Sunday might impact who can attend your wedding, but that is OK, because if that really makes a difference to your guest, you can lessen your load on the catering bill!

  • If you are rescheduling in 2021, include Friday and Sunday in your date option list. Your venue and your other vendors will still have some of these dates open and moving to either of these days might result in a cost saving because most vendors offer discounts on Friday and Sunday weddings.

  • Contact all vendors to ensure that deposits made are not lost and to confirm that vendors are available for the new date.

  • If vendors are not available for your new date, try to look for a replacement vendor.

  • Contact all guests, new invitations may not be necessary, consider a “change the date” message as that can be done online to save money. Maybe order a few new invitations for close family and for a scrapbook.

  • Think about the need to alter color schemes or themes and decor if the postponed date falls at a different time of the year.

  • Consider the time of day you are getting married or hosting your event – if postponed to later in the year, the sun will set earlier, so you may need to adjust the timeline of the day and this will need to be communicated to guests.

Before you conduct phone discussions, remember you are in this together with all your vendors and they really want to make this happen for you. Whether you start with your planner or venue, be prepared to give them a few days to respond. They will need to review your new date options and they will also want to review their contract requirements. They are also dealing with the Coronavirus both personally and professionally and may be fearing the potential financial crisis facing them.

Once you are provided with open dates, work quickly to schedule your phone discussions with your most critical vendors (the ones that you have paid the most money to book). Again, expect each vendor to take a couple of days to confirm their availability. Leave the discussion with expectations of each other and a timeline for responses.

Once you have open dates from you key vendors, be prepared to select a date that works for everyone and immediately request amendments to your contracts. Do not drag your feet because your vendors will have lots of other couples making rescheduling requests.

We believe given some flexibility on wedding dates and creativity, rescheduling your wedding can still end in the wedding of your dreams.

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With thanks and credit to the following for their input:

Debra and Lee Shepperson – Relish Photography

Jen Clifton – The Virginia Cliffe Inn

Katie Van Schooneveld- The Next Age LLC

Fall Weddings at Virginia Cliffe Inn!

Fall Wedding at Virginia Cliffe Inn in Richmond, VA

Virginia Cliffe Inn is a bed & breakfast located just outside of Richmond in Glen Allen. The southern-style property boasts a beautiful large home setting with large white columns and brick accented staircase. The property also has an indoor pavilion, an outdoor covered tent space, a bridal suite and a cabin perfect for the groom/groomsmen to prepare for the wedding. The inside of the bed & breakfast is beautiful and does not lack amazing vintage chic decor and detail…

You are cordially invited to our Christmas at Granny’s Craft Show!

We have some great news for you in a year that has been so sad and fearful for many, CHRISTMAS IS NOT CANCELLED THIS YEAR! Even better than that CHRISTMAS AT GRANNYS IS NOT CANCELLED EITHER!

However, we cannot do it without you, so we want to share our news with you, and tell you all about what we have planned.

Support Local Crafters and Vendors!

Bring your friends and family and support the dozens of local and regional crafters and vendors who have been using this lockdown to design, paint, build, bake, knit, crochet, sew, write, make and create beautiful and unique items for sale. You will find an array of goods for everyone on your gift list, plus Thanksgiving treats and Granny’s Specialty Spiced Tea.

New for 2020

1. More dates have been added Take time to visit on the day that suits you. The show is open to the public from Wednesday November 18, 2020 – Sunday November 22, 2020. 2. Grannies and Seniors special times Honoring our own Grannies is so important to us, that we have added a special date and time for Grannies and seniors where we can offer you more personal attention and a slower pace. The “Grannies Shopping at Granny’s” date is November 18, 2020 from 10 am to 2 pm. Click here for details: 3. This is now a ticketed event Select your own timeslot and we will take care of monitoring crowds for social distancing. This will make for a much more comfortable shopping experience than going to a mall. Here is the link for booking tickets:

  • Visitors will receive their own shopping bag to keep for ease of gathering up purchases.

  • Our crafters will be on hand throughout the event to help you find just the right gift and to tell you about their creative process.

  • This is a family event, open to the general public, with something special for everyone.

  • Food trucks will be on site, so you won’t go hungry!

4. COVID conscious event

We have created ticketed timeslots in order to maintain optimum visitor numbers, without exceeding guidelines. The venue is continually sanitized for your comfort, staff will be masked, and we ask that visitors bring a mask to wear.

5.Your $5 ticket purchase supports the program for autistic children at St Joseph’s Villa.

The Virginia Cliffe Inn continues this time-honored tradition of opening the house to our community, and supporting our selected non-profit St Joseph’s Villa with proceeds from the event.

The latest and greatest in 2021 wedding trends

I recently had the opportunity to attend a webinar with WeddingPro experts to hear what they have observed as the hottest trends of 2021. Some things were obvious, but all are worth sharing with upcoming brides.

Wedding fashion

The dress will never go out of style, but brides are veering away from traditional white and there are more colored dresses being worn. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration if you are thinking along these lines.

“Break away” dresses are hot right now. Meaning that part of the dress can be unclipped or unbuttoned to remove the train or skirt and reveal pants or a shorter skirt, great for dancing or creating a different look for the reception.

Bridesmaids matching dresses are less well-liked, brides are choosing to mix and match colors in the same color family. Cobalt and teal for example.

Grooms and groomsmen are adopting velvet jackets, this seems like a great plan for Fall or Winter, but less practical for Summer.

Food trends

Food trucks are in! We welcome them at the Virginia Cliffe Inn and one reason they’ve grown in popularity is the immediacy of vendor to guest service, eliminating the number of hands touching a plate, which during the pandemic has been helpful.

A second trend is covered plates, much like what you receive when ordering room service. Mini charcuterie plates and individualized servings pre-plated are also very popular.

Traditional cake toppers are OUT! Cakes are being decorated with fresh and 3D edible flowers, and couples are offering mixtures for dessert such as cake and macaroons.

Cakes are smaller, and are often offered as individual servings wrapped up, and thus doubling up as a wedding favor. Parfait style desserts and to go brownies or cookies are also sent home as favors.


Hot right now is the idea of a wall scape, allowing the couple to create a backdrop onto a wall or plain surface that evokes images that are meaningful to them. For example, a seascape or beach or mountain scene.

In terms of the reception, there is a big move away from the matchy matchy look, by using different sized tables, with a big push for color and specifically jewel tones.

Lights, lights and more lights are in everyone’s budget and allow decorators to create areas of focus.


When sending out invitations include specific details about the dress code for guests. If your wedding has one, tell the guests. This could carry over to your mood boards and website, “ladies dress in white, men in black” for example. Give examples on your wedding website via a look book for guests to refer to.


Many couples are opting for a mix of live music and a DJ, rather than relying solely on the services of a DJ.

Other types of entertainment seen include professional dancers, or dance lessons for the guests, magicians, jean jacket making with personalization and even a lipologist. What’s a lipologist you ask? Its like someone who reads palms, but with lips!

Streaming the ceremony has been a must for many couples during the pandemic, and is a trend that we are likely to see continuing for some time to come, where overseas and distant relatives and friends cannot travel. Don’t rely on using your trusty cellphone for this purpose however, dropped signals and poor coverage do not make for a great experience and it is worth working with a professional technician to ensure camera and sound quality are good. Often these technicians can also provide drone services, another trend that has been seen with video footage taken from above the proceedings to be shared later with family and friends who couldn’t make it.

Size and expenditure

The restrictions on social gathering sizes over the past 14 months have meant smaller more intimate weddings with a higher per head budget being allocated. Wedding couples have pushed the boat out in providing a very personalized experience and some elaborate menus and special entertainment for their guests, putting their own stamp on décor and environment. There seems little doubt that we will continue to see smaller weddings going into 2022 and 2023, and even more creativity and customization.

If you are planning a wedding with up to 50 guests, check out our K.I.S.S. Package below!

Looking for a theme for your 2021 holiday party?

We’ve got some suggestions for you

It’s that time again, that agenda item that appears at the Monday morning meeting and elicits groans, and responses from colleagues like “I’ll be out of town” “I’ve got a thing” “I’m wrapping up a HUGE project I can’t possibly help”.

Item 1 – Organize the holiday party!! Just to make you smile here is a little something from The Office Party Planning Committee

If your heart drops and you experience a sharp intake of breath at the mere thought, we’ve got a list of themes for you to try. Some are family friendly, some appeal to adults only, casual or sophisticated.

  1. Food tour – dishes from around the world, possibly holiday themed from different countries. Think yule log, baked ham, Christmas pudding, coquilles St Jacques, sachertorte, kulkuls, akoho sy voania, poi – Ok so you get the idea. Ask your colleagues about traditional ethnic dishes that they love to eat and then try to include those on the menu.

  2. Christmas detox brunch – healthy brunch for anyone who is suffering the effects from the night before. Think green smoothies, and guided meditation. Chair massage and gentle music. Sounds like the perfect low key celebration.

  3. Fill Santa’s Sleigh – invite every guest to bring an unwrapped toy, book or non-perishable food item to donate to local toy or food drives. Have Santa make an appearance for photo opportunities. Perfect for family parties.

  4. A wine Winter- play blind wine tasting games, with wine prizes for accurate answers. Invite every guest to bring a bottle that is wrapped in brown paper, so the label is not visible. Take it a step further and include fortified wines such as port, sherry or madeira.

  5. Craftstravaganza – offer craft tables with everything needed to make ornaments or decorations, with instructions as a way of entertaining younger guests, include an empty tree for people to decorate with their creations if they wish.

  6. White Elephant – popular with all ages. Set a dollar limit on the value of each gift. As guests arrive, they place a wrapped present under the tree and pick a number out of the hat. Numbers are drawn randomly to allow guests to select a gift. The fun part comes when they start to steal gifts chosen before their own turn, rather than selecting a new gift from the pile that is left.

  7. Winter Luau – this theme combines the dressing up and decorating portion with hula skirts and leis and lends itself to music and food as well. Luaus are colorful and popular events at all times of year, and very enjoyable.

  8. Then there is always Nights in Morocco …. Not your grandmothers Christmas party!

Whatever you decide on keep it classy! Naturally you want to be the one who tells the Planning Committee that you’ve found the perfect (classy) venue and the perfect theme for said party! Talk to us today and host your party at The Virginia Cliffe Inn. Email us or call 804 382 0500



I.C.E. K.I.S.S. Package

Indoor, Cosy, Enclosed, Keep It Small and Simple

(designed for indoor Winter weddings of up to 75 guests maximum

Taking place between Jan 2 2022 and March 13 2022 only)

Fri or Sun – $2900 plus tax Sat – $3500 plus tax

No substitutions may be made for any items listed.


  1. Ceremony location in Tent or Pavilion

  2. 6 hours of designated time allocated to the event (includes vendor set up, decorating, prep, guest arrival, event and clean up *

  3. 1 x firepit

  4. Use of bride’s quarters

  5. Use of groom’s quarters

  6. 2 x Bar tents

  7. Ceremony chairs for up to 75 guests

  8. Dining tables for up to 75 guests

  9. Dining chairs for up to 75 guests

  10. 4 Banquet tables for Food/DJ/bar

  11. 4 cocktail height tables

  12. Standard white table cloths for each table

  13. 30 x 50 foot Four Seasons Pavilion for dining/food

  14. 40 x 40 foot permanent tent, gazebo and DJ booth for entertainment

  15. On site staff member for venue guidance and assistance

  16. White lanterns for decoration

*Additional time may be added at a rate of $150.00 per hour

Calling all past brides and couples who were recently married!

Have you got “stuff” leftover from your recent wedding? If you would like to clear some space in your closets, garage, or attic and you have leftover items from your own wedding we invite you to come and sell it at our

Annual Wedding and Catering Yard Sale on SUNDAY April 10, 2022 from 10 am to 2 pm hosted at the Virginia Cliffe Inn 2900 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen VA 23060

You’ll be able to meet future couples who are looking for décor, signage, accessories, table linens, and anything and everything they need for their upcoming wedding. So why not come and join us in our outdoor setting, and sell your items? If you have any friends who were recently married and have things to sell, please share this with them too.

If you would like to participate, tables cost $20 for the day and set up commences at 9 am.

Let us know if you can join us? Email us at if you would like to participate.